1. Mixed Media Box Art is a submission type competition.
2. The tips may be bought or made. If the tips are create by hand, they must have the same proportions and c-curve as commercial tips.
3. The tips may be connected together or displayed separately.

4. If 10 tips are to be created they must reflect different nail sizes, as real nails do. Anyone using all one size tips will have an automatic 5 point deduction to their final score. The tips may be any length and shape.
5. Competitors must use 3 art media: 1. Mediums for painting, example: Micro painting, Air Brush, Water Paint, Gel Paint, Acrylic paint, Polish 2. Mediums to build 3D artwork, example: Acrylic, Color powder, Gel, Gel Pasta 3. Nail art embellishments, example: Rhinestones, pearls, bullion, foils and crushed shells.
6. Failure to use 1 of each type of media will result in a 5 point deduction.
7. All 3 media used must be used in an artistic way, or they will not count towards the required 3 nail art media.
8. All of the nail art applied to the actual tips, whether attached to the tip or not, will count & must not extend further than 1 cm from the nail surface or 5 points will be deducted from the final score.
9. No decals or stamping allowed. No molds (pre cast embellishments) to create art shapes
10. The artwork for this competition will be judged as a compete portrait. One completed composition.
11. The artwork should have all types of artistry of all styles and creativity.
12. There should be a strong theme presented in the artwork
13. Total possible point is 110.
14. The maximum score given for each of the 10 criteria judged for this competition are:
a. Level of difficulty 20pts
b. Balance 10pts
c. Composition 10pts
d. Originality 10pts
e. Media 10pts
f. Graphic Quality 10pts
g. Continuity of theme 10pts
h. Clarity of design 10pts
i. Color Theory 10pts
j. Workmanship 10pts