Judges Instructions

Traditional Manicure

One hand is to be solid red color.
One hand is to be applied in a traditional French manicure. Using white on the free edge and French shades on the plate. No glitter, shimmer or frost.
All colors must be free of pearl and opalescent.

10 point total on all categories.
1 point a nail. ½ points are allowed
In a one hand competition, point total is reduced to 5 points.
Each nail is judged on its own merit.
The nail must meet all of the criteria for the category being judged to earn its point.

Nail Shape

The shape of the nails looks symmetrical. ½ Point
The top of the free edge must be filed smoothly. ½ Point
All free edge shapes are acceptable, but they must have symmetry.

Product Application

The product surrounding the proximal nail fold must be with in 1mm and have a clean application ½ point
No excessive product build up surrounding the lateral nail folds ½ point


No cuts or irritation around the nail folds.
All dead tissue is properly removed.
The proximal nail fold is pushed back and appears properly maintained
There is not excessive removal or cutting of the living tissue attached to the nail folds
The nail grooves are not removed or damaged
1 point per finger


No visible dust or debris is allowed. ½ Point
No glue or excessive gel products of any kind. ½ Point

Surface Smoothness

The surface of the nail must feel perfectly smooth. ½ point
The surface of the nail must not have any air bubbles on the surface. ½ point

High Shine

The top sealer must be shiny on the entire surface of the nail. ½ point
There should not be any dull spots on the surface and all gel residues must be well removed. The surface should not have any residual inhibition layer ½ point

Red Color Application

The Application of the product should completely cover the surface of the entire nail.
Product must be applied evenly with no streaks. The color should look extremely solid with no transparencies. ½ point
The tip of the free edge must be covered completely. ½ point

Judges Instruction for smilelines

This category is judged differently for each category.
The nail must meet all of the criteria for the category being judged to earn its point.

Division 1: Total points is 5
1 point is awarded for 2/ 5 of the criteria.
1 possible point for each nail.

Division 2: Total points is 10
2 points are possible to earn for each nail.
3 / 5 criteria are required for 1 point.
4/5 criteria is 2 points

Division 3: Total points is 15
3 points possible for each nail.
3/5 of the Criteria for 1 point,
4/5 Criteria for 2 points
5/5 criteria 3 points per nails.


Consistent shape on all exposed nails.
Evenly applied so that the tips match.
The white application can have no shadows.
The white application must have a clean line that is evenly aligned.
The tip of the free edge must be covered completely.


1. Total time allowed is 1 hour
2. This competition is done on natural nails only.
3. The required elements for the competition are as followed.
4. The model is to come with nails ready to be manicured.
5. The nails are to be manicured during the competition, soaking is optional. Lotion and massage is not necessary.
6. The model is to come with nails ready to be manicured. Models must not have ANY products one the nail when they arrive. Removing of product prior to arena evaluations are forbidden.
7. Nail must appear to be at least 1 week without any type of manicuring.
8. If it is determined that the models nails have been manicured prior to the competition a 5 point deduction can be enforced on the competitor.

9. The nails must be enhanced and covered with any type of color gels, including: gel paint, soak off gel, color gel and gel polish. No traditional nail polish or any type of paints that are not considered a gel. Only gel products.
10. Top sealer must be applied.
11. Rules of sanitation must be adhered too.
12. All products must be clearly labeled
13. All products used for manicuring are allowed.
14. All products and tools must be on the table prior to the start of the competition.
15. You are not allowed to get products out of your case or have product brought in from outside of the competition arena once the competition begins.
16. Total score for Division 1 is 70, Division 2 is 75, and Division 3 is 80.