The NIJ (Nailympion International Judges ) is an international organism, independent and impartial, which regulates the performance of  Nailympion competitions.

What does this imply?

This means that all Nailympion competitions follow the same rules and standards wherever they take place. These competitions are also well known for its impartiality and independence from commercial brands.

Who are the NIJ judges?

The NIJ judges is a group of professionals of the nail sector with vast experience and specific training, capable of judging and evaluating a nail following always the same procedure. They are responsible of protecting integrity of  Nailympion competition.

Do you want to become an NIJ judge?

We’d love to welcome you in our family! For this, you must have experience in the sector, be an educator and pass a training course, with written and practical tests.

The NIJ follow a strict honor code pronounced through an oath made before every competition: ““We swear responsibility and integrity, honesty, impartiality…”. This code is reflected in the contract all NIJ judges sign when they become part of the organism.

Breaching the code implies dishonor and the immediate expulsion from this organism.

What will you learn in the NIJ course?

The NIJ course will teach you to score a nail following a standardized system that is used later in  Nailympion and nail competitions.