1. Rhinestone art is a competition that is a submitted art classification.
2. Cover tips should be used with a square or an oval shape.
3. The length of the tip should not exceed 1.2 inches ( 3.04 cm)
4. The tips must be separate and can not be connected together
5. There is no theme scored for this competition
6. You must use multiple color rhinestone used for this competition.

7. Various shapes and sizes of rhinestones should be used
8. Complete work must be under 5 mm in height and can not exceed 5 mm from nail base.
9. Base nail should only be painted with one color. (Color with glitters is allowed.)
10. Polishes or color gel (polish gels) may be used.
11. Gel sealers, top coats and glue are allowed for adhesion of the rhinestones
12. Total score is 90.
13. The maximum score given for each of the 8 criteria judged for this competition are:
a. Level of difficulty 20pts
b. Color theory 10pts
c. Creativity 10pts
d. Total impression 10pts
e. Balance 10pts
f. Workmanship 10pts
g. Rhythm 10pts
h. Variety 10pts